Stay Humble for the Bigger Reward – Benue Rapper JQ advice singer Kissmi

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JQ breeds Caution but with a bitter mind forms an address to an song writer and singer Kissmi whom he has observed to be off balance as of late.

JQ is not happy with his recent outcome which with no hesitation hesitation hesitation calls on Anjande Matthew believed to be his manager to take precautions.

Gistolink Media gathered that the response was due to compliant laid from important personalities in the industry..

My industry is tearing apart.
Ayu Frank Kissmi you need to check your self. Big names like Itz Iorwuese Solomon Mark and Princess Joy are complaining about you. There is nothing more paying than humility in this industry. Loyalty is also profitable. Anagbe Ayo Anjande Matthew i believe you can put your boy in check.
i hate what i am seeing

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