Practice What You Preach – Benue Dancer Ortrees blast MC Samics

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Practice What You Preach – Benue Dancer Ortrees blast MC Samics

Benue Dancer and singer Ortrees who has in recent times made massive wave writes to Popular MC samics as he express his bitter heart felt.

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Lately I’ve being tagged on Mcsmart Oche Zodiac party, some in my DM asking questions. I appreciate y’all want my presence at the Zodiac Urban party,good efforts putting that up. Well I don’t go to parties am not invited or paid to perform, na money Ortrees the find, not like I was aware Joseph Oche was hosting a Zodiac party in Makurdi.
They preach what they don’t practice
MC Smart is made from the streets of Makurdi, in the days Oyi had Star Trace media, we all contributed, I payed my dues to him, coordinated and trained models and artist, we even sponsored that shit with our money. We did it for oneness and believe in the new dream of one Benue.Those were the university days, Now Oga is sharing love and telling us to cover face mask. You the form super star, you have a Zodiac party in Makurdi and feature none of these Benue act making waves. But he keeps writing long posts of how unsurpportive some Benue entertainers are and the need for government support to young talents and he MC Smart is engrossed in his self elevation and refuse to carry along upcomings, only if it benefits him he will support you, hype you, shake hands with you and form brotherhood just to suck your juice and go.
Well my advice to Benue entertainers out there , don’t allow them use your talents for free, specially all this cloud chasers, Instagram celebrities, cos them plenty for the industry
But for me MC Smart i go still advice Od Woods, he should put you on MadeinBenue all white party, after the party I’ll call up one of my girls make she come give you a good home coming pussy cause that’s what you are. Kriz Blac once said it right.
I wish you well brother
Don’t forget where you come from.

Practice What You Preach – Benue Dancer Ortrees blast MC Samics

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