Poem: Time – Lorita Doove Ahula

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Poem Time Lorita Doove Ahula

They say time lost will never be found,
The world is not a merry-go-round,
As the rains fall, and the sun shines
The hands of time forever declines

Time is but seconds; use them well,
For how they are used one day you must tell,
Who uses seconds, has minutes to use,
Who loses seconds, whole years must lose!

Time is a journey, but journeys end
As a train 2 the station below descends,
Grab then this chance and jump aboard,
To loose a bit of time; you can’t afford!

Time is a book whose pages unfold!
Every new day, a story must be told,
Opportunities gained, or chances lost,
Every lost minute comes with a cost!

Time is fast! yet time is slow,
Time reaps you, whatever you sow,
Time has wings, yes time does fly,
Every second spent should be worth your while!

Time is the golden chance that you seek,
To raise you up above your peak,
Not bags of treasure beneath the ground
But work done as time abounds!


The theme is “Time”.
Simply Put, time is limited and we must make the best use of it.

Written by: Lorita Gabriel.

+234 816 688 4880

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