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Nigeria as a nation is blessed with so many mineral and human resources. At least in each of the six geo-political zones, there is a huge deposit of natural wealth.

The major problem here is harnessing these resources and putting them into effective use. Greed is a pest that cannot be over looked because since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, Nigeria has ever remained insatiable with the performance of the central government. Power shift from north, west east and the north central etc has ever been the bone of contention.

The independence of Nigeria which took place on the 1st October 1960 couldn’t solve this problem because the greed still remains in the minds of many Nigerians which of course led to the Nigerian civil war in 1967.

The effect of this has brought about the agitation of states. The Oodua and the Biafra (western Nigeria and Eastern Nigeria). The question is, will Biafra or Oodua break up help in National unity? The answer is a capital no! Because what happened to Peter will surely happen to Paul.

Another issue that burdens Nigeria as a nation is that of corruption. Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation to an irreparable state. Thank God for the current regime of A.P.C origin under the leadership of president Muhamadu Buhari GCFR which has tried to a great extent to recover the nation’s lost glory through the fight on corruption.

The international community rated Nigeria high in corruption on and instead of Nigeria been the giant of Africa the reverse has been the case as she is rated for having the highest ratio of corrupt citizens. We the youth too have a role to play to shun corruption and help build the nation. The president Muhamadu Buhari once said and I quote “if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us”. The recovery of so many looted funds back the treasury will go a long way to boast the economy of Nigeria back on track and there will be a better future for all of us.
On a sad note, the issue of insecurity cannot be over emphasized.

The national interest and finances has been divided for the fight against insurgence since the beginning of President Umaru Musa Yaradua’s Administration. The issue of Boko haram grew worse during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Be that as it may, the economy of Nigeria suffers set back on daily production of crude oil which is the major source of income for the nation due to Niger Delta Avengers.

A nation with security threats just like ours cannot progress because of fear of lives and properties. Another question one would like to ask is, will Nigeria ever regain her title as the giant of Africa in reality? I, without hesitation answer in affirmation because with all hands on the desk everything shall be possible.

More so, another worrisome viper is the kidnapping. The department of state services (DSS) said it has arrested members of the syndicate of kidnappers terrorizing the Abuja Kaduna high way and so many others across the nation.

Lastly, the Fulani cattle rearers have caused mayhem in so many states, Enugu, Benue and Nassarawa just to mention but a few.

The burden on the administration of Nigeria as a whole is so worrisome but we the citizens need to be resilient in other to avoid issues that will bring bitterness.

Last but not the least, a nation without a national language between the major tribes or languages in Nigeria. The Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba has not yielded a positive result, it is very difficult for the centre to hold. Fear of regional domination has been a major player in politics thereby frustrating good policies that would have taken Nigeria to its greater height.

Nigeria would be a better place if we can tolerate one another and allow our conscience to be awake, Nigeria can be better place.

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