Domestic Violence – Lorita Doove Ahula

Domestic Violence – Lorita Doove Ahula

Domestic violence also called domestic abuse is violence or other abuse in a domestic form. It is to gain authority or power over a spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or intimate family member. Abuse is a learned behavior.

In its widest sense, domestic violence also involves violence against children, parents or the elderly. It takes a sequence of forms, including sentimentally, orally, religious abuse which can range from crafty form to marital rape and to violent physical abuse such as beating, choking female genital mutilation and acid throwing that results in difacement or assassination.

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Across the globe, the victims of domestic violence is overwhelmingly ladies. In some countries, domestic violence is justified in some countries especially when infidelity is suspected and it is legally permitted of which it is wrong. Domestic violence is the most underreported crimes in the society.

Domestic violence often occurs when the abuser believes that abuse is an entitlement justified or unlikely to be reported.

The violence against children has grown rapidly. in a case where by a single mother tends to give out her only child to a relative or a stranger for proper upkeep creates room for domestic abuse. The child is been turned into a maid in most cases, he/she is been abused and mistreated.

That alone damages the child both physically and sentimentally, for children are tender and fragile.
Women who are victims of domestic abuse in their matrimonial homes keep mute sometimes because of their children and endure the abuse.

As a result of abuse, victims may experience physical disabilities, dysregulated aggression, health challenges, mental instability, limited finances and a poor ability to create healthy commitments. Victims may face chronic psychological disorders.

Children who live in a household with abuse often have psychological issues from an early stage such as hyper vigilance to threats, paranoiance and avoidance.


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Domestic Violence – Lorita Doove Ahula

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