NEWS:- Rape Is Never An Option.

Written by Shawa Ter

…If rape was the work of the devil,why allow yourself to be used by the devil?

To my point of view
Those who rape are psychologically imbalanced.
This act itself is devilish
Why Rape?
A question we always ask,but as for me every act has a secret formation
Sometimes they rape just to back up what someone has done to them in form of vengeance and they think rape is the ultimate.
Sometimes for ritual purposes
Sometimes for tradition to be maintained
Sometimes for just wickedness
Sometimes due to lack of control of themselves.

But are all this few reasons justifiable to participate in Rape?
Capital later NO

Rape has a great effect to the abused,because it destroys and gives them a negative thought in life,which sometimes,some ladies act awkward due to their past experience,I won’t blame them because at that time let me say they are undergoing psychological trauma.

There’s much to be said about this ill act,but on a not shell RAPE is never an alternative.
I see that act as a devilish practice which should be eradicated in our world.
*The government can put an end to it
*The parents can put an end to it also
(Most parents give birth to a child and don’t care about how that child turns to be ,no proper orientation.
Parents for crying out loud is not bad teaching your child sex education from the scratch,because many a times they are abused but they don’t know themselves,due to the fact that they have been instructed by the perpetrator NOT TO TELL ANYONE.
Since the child don’t know what is sex abuse,turns to see it as normal,and that’s how that child grows to be in darkness of pains and misery.)
Parents its time to wake up and say NO to this ill act,educate your child.
*It also my role and yours also to fight this fight,when you see someone who is in such mood of such what is your reaction towards it?

THE CONCEPT OF RAPE can be dealt with, if only we wake from our slumber.

Am not a specialist in this field,but that those not mean I can’t place my part.
No matter what “RAPE IS NOT AN OPTION”
Be a gentle figure and stop this vise
Rape is Rape no matter how is done.

Please let this nonsense stop.

If we are to discuss about this subject matter “Rape” not sure a day will be OK,but notwithstanding there’s no defense for Rape.




What’s your opinion on this?

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