NEWS: Reasons why the Independence of the Ambazonia and Biafra can’t be granted

Below are reasons why the proposed Biafrans and Ambazonias won’t gain independence.

Recently alot of news have been flying around that the United Nations will carve out some 26 local government areas of Nigeria to join the Southern and Western Cameroun to establish a new country called Ambazonia.

But these things are not as easy as that.

All Nigerian territories are protected by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, and that status can only change by constitutional amendments and referendum or if Nigerian forces are defeated at war and they withdraw from any of the territories.

It’s almost near-impossible. It doesn’t mean it is impossible. The UN cannot create any country. They can put pressure on governments to grant freedom for an oppressed group, but they cannot create one.

This is also applicable to the quest for Biafra, because i have seen many write ups alluding that after Ambazonia Independence Biafra will be next.

For example, Palestine that is recognized to even attend UN meetings, they still don’t have the status of a country after many decades. Israel has simply objected to a two-state solution. That tells you UN’s limitations.

Secession doesn’t work that easy. But a country can agree within itself to break up. The UN also has no way of saying No. That’s the case with USSR.

South Sudan is the youngest country created. They fought for many years but no recognition. Their independence came when Sudan said, alright, you can go. The same happened with Eritrea and Ethiopia. 

Somaliland has been operating as a country for many years. They have everything. They are even internationally recognized. However, since Somalia has refused their independence, they cannot deal legally as a country and that has hindered their development.

Ambazonia have already been accorded some level of autonomy by the Paul Biya led government in Yaounde.

And there is possibility that they will get more autonomy as time goes on, but outright independence given by the UN and even carving out territories of another country to form a new country without the consent of both countries, is just wishful thinking. International politics dont work like that.

Culled from Chukwu Nyerem Makata’s Why Ambazonia Independence Will Not Happen

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