COVID-19: I have spiritual formula to end Coronavirus – Bishop Sam Zuga

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Bishop Sam Zuga of house of Joy ministry, the founder of both Samzuga free medical treatment and Samzuga international.Says he has a spiritual formula that will put an end of Coronavirus.

Bishop Zuga again called on Nigerians to refer Coronavirus patient to him, saying that has come up with a solution to tackle the dreaded virus.

“Refer anyone with Coronavirus to me for free treatment” – Bishop Sam Zuga.

Bishop Sam Zuga said: No virus can survive in my body, my body is the temple of God, it can’t accommodate anything called virus.

He continued, Corona virus is not different from other diseases God has been using me to heal. A virus cannot decide for me. “I can stay at home when I want, not when Corona is giving orders.”

In a statement he signed, the Benue-born cleric described the spiritual formula as 37²7, adding that it would be effective from Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

He said: “This spiritual formula (37²7) will be used in hospitals, homes and offices for the treatment of not just coronavirus but other deadly diseases as well.

“The formula would be used all over the world, irrespective of colour and religion.”

The cleric stated that he has decided to hold a live Facebook program for all those who are afflicted with Coronavirus and other illness.

“I would make declaration for all those afflicted with the virus.” so he said reflecting to wednessday 1st of April,2020.

“I will unveil the formula (37²7) through my Facebook page by on Wednesday. Then, I will be revealing to people how they can use things around them to finish this virus. In times like this, God is always the only help to turn to,” he stated.

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